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    ideas for bosses in the iciness



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    ideas for bosses in the iciness

    Post by CDR-RAGE on Tue Jan 28, 2014 12:39 am



    snow robots:
    basically the same thing as snow Golems just made with frost chips instead of a pumpkin. it shots snow balls and takes away heat.

    frost chips

    ice droids:
    made with to ice and frost chips. it throws ice at you and give takes away heat.

    frost chips.

    like wolfs but tamed with icy fish.
    if named batman it wears a batman suit

    penguin meat
    Mini Bosses:

    metal yeti/robot yeti:

    a piece of robotics that was made by men, then got a mega virus from deplore and then controlled by a higher power being known as the great frost. this virus spread through all the other robots and became under the power of the frost.

    this yeti has more resistance then a normal yeti and has epic weapons built in to him. he has ice laser he shots liquid nitrogen and  bites you. he also throws you into things.

    he drops:
    frost chips Model 1

    Robot snow tigers:

    same thing as the robot yeti except like a snow tiger.
    this robot runs faster then a snow tigers and does more damage but it has less Resistance. this tiger can glide like a chicken but with more thrust.

    frost chips model 2


    cyborg yeti:

    this yeti has a smarter AI and has the strengths of normal yeti and robot yeti but better. this yeti is bigger than the other two combined and has the ability two spawn robot yetis.

    he will spawn in a structure close to the icy volcano.

    frost chip model 3

    The Frost:

    the frost is a big sphere mad of ice and snow. it can summon all robotics that are controlled by himself. the frost is the reason why the whole place began out cold and frosty. a Deploro clone is summoned when it is killed.

    the frost spawns in a icy volcano that has freezing units.

    it freezes you for five seconds if you don't have fury clothing on or other warm clothing. it shots liquid nitrogen and traps you and sucks your heat out of you and heals it self with it. it also gives you slowness 2 and weakness 3. the frost also shots snowballs and summons snow robots and ice bots.

    frost balls and mega frost ships

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